Media Arts Proposal

What is it?
- What I will create is a group of images for a rock, paper, scissors game. Including a Gif image that will act a moving banner for the top of a website. Also the images for the game including the characters such as a scissor and other banners that display the elements of the game. They will be created using Photoshop. Will add audio track to go along with the moving Gif banner. It will move and display the contents for a website, along with the other visual aspects that will go into the game. (Most in .gif and .jpg)

Who is the project's audience / who benefits from the work?
- The projected audience would be the visitors to the website and the players of the upcoming game. It would greatly improve the look of the website and game. The aesthetically pleasing website would increase overall traffic. It will benefit the game creators by moving along the production process in which the creators will no longer need to worry about the artistic side of the game.

What is the social or cultural value of the work?
- I believe that my art piece brings a sense of creativity to the bland world of online games. I believe that socially this website would look much more professional and be more widely accepted in society as opposed to many simple HTML websites. It can be more widespread and even converted to different platforms.

What are the influences for the work?
The biggest influence on this piece is Ksenya Samarskaya. She made me very interested in the design of logos for companies. This project is partially a logo and design for a game that is unique and will truly represent the work. I would make a creative logo that can be used all throughout the website that will move and better the presentation of the company. Along with other art pieces that make this game look so good while looking good to the user.
- It will be an Ad displayed for the company like Ksenya did for light and ladder. My piece will instead be a moving gif logo.

Greed Collage
What am I asking for and how much is required for completion?
- I believe that in the beginning stages of this elaborate project the only things I need are programs on my computer, but as my project progresses and eventually becomes a full-fledged website I might need funding for webhosting and coding help which I could see being more than a hundred dollars which can be acquired through online fundraising sites such as GoFundMe. The use of UB grants aren’t necessary as the cost is not very high even to maintain the work for years after. I could most likely use the resources the computer science department has such as professors and programs associated with web development and advice from my intro to computer science course. Since I lack monetary value I believe I the amount of work that is required for this project is sufficient in garnering a good grade for my final. It will take a lot to execute this idea successfully if approved.

What skills are you bringing to the project and what skills will I need to develop or hire other people for?
- I have a year of experience in Photoshop from high school and am only learning coding this semester, but I believe I poses the tools to accomplish this large task and create visually pleasing pieces of art using many techniques we learned in class this semester. I will even include a sound effect for my banner which will really bring everything in this course together into one project. For now all the work will be allocated to myself but as development progresses I might need help from someone who knows more about programing, but that goes far beyond what I will create for this class specifically.

What will this project encompass?
- This is a very big project that goes far beyond this class but the main aspects for this class include creating a Gif banner using Photoshop that will be presented on the top of a website. It will also include an audio track with special effects sounds using audacity to edit audio. It will include a design which can be used as the logo throughout a website and can be formatted into an HTML website for a game I would like to further develop. Also the images for the game including the characters, instructions, and other banners that display the artistic elements of the game. The hard coding will be where I hope this game will go, but for this class I merely hope to design the elements for this project to be developed. The creation of the game itself will not be included in my proposal. I am simply presenting my project that I have high aspirations for continuing to work on and eventually be used more widespread. I will use the elements of this class to design and create a program of my own. I hope to put this project up live on the internet in due time. It will include the design elements and audio to market the brand and create the finished project. This will NOT be a game but the artistic aspect of a game company.

What will this project look like?
Greed Collage Greed Collage Greed Collage
* These are very simple outlines of the logos I will make one by one of much more intricate versions. The first image wil be a colorful gif that will have moving elements in it. Then I will create an instruction banner and then each individual logo. *Made for HTML webdesign.

How I Created The Final Project


Created every logo and banner separately in Photoshop. Made each logo for rock, paper, and scissors as well as made animated banner and instructional animation.
Greed Collage Greed Collage Greed Collage Greed Collage Greed Collage


I wrote the stylesheet and html for this website, but found the javascript online, because I did not know Javascript. Used many HTML/CSS techniques we learned in class
as well as a few i learned on my own to better the design of the website as a whole

I created a soundtrack for the website that autostarts with the game. It is a mash up of a few common video game sounds. Edited in Audacity