CIE 411 - Numerical Methods for Engineers

The course introduces numerical procedures for the solution of various problems encountered in civil and environmental engineering.  It emphasizes the need of numerical analysis, and demonstrates its use as a powerful problem-solving tool. The course introduces a brief review of various civil and environmental engineering problems (e.g., truss analysis, plug flow reactor, dynamics of mass-spring system, regression on traffic problems), which require numerical analysis as a problem-solving tool.  In addition, the topics include MATLAB fundamentals, numerical linear algebra, root finding, curve fitting/interpolation, numerical differentiation/integration, and ordinary differential equations.

2015 Spring, 2016 Spring, 2017 Spring,  2018 Spring

CIE 516 - Advanced Engineering Mathematics

The course covers a range of topics in applied mathematics that are relevant to contemporary civil engineers in research. Topics include linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, Fourier analysis and partial differential equations. Fundamental concepts and analytical solution techniques of the topics are emphasized.  

2013 Spring, 2013 Fall, 2014 Fall, 2015 Fall, 2016 Fall, 2017 Fall, 2018 Fall

CIE/MAE 500JS - Wave Motion in Structures

The course reviews the linearized theory of wave propagation in elastic solids, and introduces the fundamental concept of elastodynamic metamaterials.  The goal is to understand principles behind practical applications like dynamic testing with split Hopkinson pressure bar and numerical calculations of spectral band-structures for engineered materials.  Topics include wave propagations in rods, elastodynamics, and elastodynamic metamaterials.

2014 Spring

Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
240 Ketter Hall, Buffalo, NY 14260