Jeffrey Smith
Fall 2015 Database Project

I am an undergraduate student at University at Buffalo currently working on my degree in financial analysis.
After finishing my undergrad work I hope to go on to recieve my MBA/PA from U.B. as well.
This semester my team and I have designed a database for the Kalec MS Foundation locally here in Buffalo.
This tool will help the Kalec Foundation to organize events and donors like never before.
If you wish to tour the application please click on the database link below.
Kalec Foundation Database

    When we decided to design a database for the Kalec MS Foundation we knew that we were chosing to
be a part of something special. The Kalecs have a deeply rooted connection to The University at Buffalo.
From Dr. Bernard J. Kalec M.D. who worked here at the university as a renowned ophthalmologist,
to the signing of a $100,000 endowment in their first year of operation with Dr. Fraser J. Sim PhD at the
university who works in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology. Dr. Sim currently is using stem cell
research to identify signaling pathways that facilitate oligodendrocyte progenitor cells. This targeting
of oligodendrocytes will lead to remyelination, as well as decreased effects of demyelination.
Side affects of MS are widley caused by demyelination.

    That said, we knew that this needed to be done correctly. However what seemed like a straight forward
design model proved to have challenges that we didn't foresee. In the end our efforts coalesced to
result in a highly functioning system that will provide a great resource to the team at the Kalec Foundation.
Just as the efforts of those who selflessly and feverishly work year round to raise hope and awareness
for MS, our work will continue long past the deadline of this assignment.

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