Jessica Pappas
Holiday Twin Rinks

Welcome to my website about myself. My name is Jessica Pappas.
I am a Junior at the University of Buffalo
I am studying Communications and hoping for a job in sports.
My interests include hockey, I do not play hockey or never did but I have grown up watching it and loving it.
My family has always been big hockey fans. My dream job is working for the Buffalo Sabres.
Starting in 2015, I got a job at the local ice rink near my house called Holiday Twin Rinks.
I work in the snack bar and am currently a manager, I love my job!
I am here to promote my workplace to all hockey players.

Holiday twin rinks has a Hockey shop
The hockey shop sells:
all the hockey equipment you will need and also any Buffalo Sabres apparel any hockey fan would love!

Holiday Twin Rinks has so many hockey programs for any ages
Check out our website for more details!>