Events that are Historical
  1. It is appropriate to use that variable as the explanatory variable because it's independent and nothing makes it change. Also, the response variable should be the "estimated year event occurred" because it changes things.
  2. The scatterplot would be in a straight but increasing line on the plot. A diagonal line that will look perfect because you are entering the same numbers for the estimated year of the event and the year in which the event actually occured.
Data for Union jobs.
Data for the Union Workers.
  1. I used Union Membership % as my explanatory variable because it is dependent on the number of Strikes and Lockouts.
  2. There is a negative association between the number of strikes and lockouts.
  3. My second chart shows the % of union Memebership and how many Strikes and Lockouts there are.
  4. My second chart shows that the association between the Strikes and Lockouts and the Union Membership Percentage is positive.
Shows correlation of Govs salary vs Personal Income.
The association between Govs Salary and Personal Income.
  1. The bar graph helps to interpret that the Govs Salary is alot more than the Personal Income.
  2. I think that there is a positive association between the variables due to the points increasing and not decreasing.
Governors Salary vs Personal Income Per Capita
Governors Salary vs Personal Income
  1. There is a trend because the governors salary is alot greater than the personal income.
  2. The personal income points stand out to me because they are all grouped together and basically in a horizontal line.