Rates of Police Brutality in the United States Based on Race

Challenge Project

This Map shows to the total police killings in the United States

This Map shows Police Killings of White people in the mainland United States and is Normalized based on the population data. As you can see this map shows spatial distributions of the races having many of the killings of white people in the North eastern part of the country.

This map shows police killings of Hispanic people in the United States and is aslo normalized based on populations data. When examing this map it does not just only show police killings but it also shows the spatial distrubutions of Latinos in the Untied States. This is interesting because all of the States that border Mexico have high rates of police killings of hispanics showing where most Hispanic-Americans come to live once they come to the United States.

This map shows the police Killings of African Americans in the United States and is normalized based on population data as well. When I begin to examin the map I see the same trend as the other maps by showing the spatial distribution of African Americans in the United States by showing that most killings of the African American People in the United states occur in the southeast of the United States in states such as Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and north and south Carolina which are prodomenantly known as states with a high african american population


As I was working through this lab I began noticing Many other trends coming from this map other than just police killings. Although this map was made to show where police brutality is taking place it can also be used to show where people of different races tend to allocate in the United states wheather it be African Americans in the southeast, Hispanics in the Southwest, and Caucasions living in the northeast.