I am a travel loving bookworm with a passion for pugs. I'm always planning my next adventure and looking for great children's literature to complement the trip. As a museum educator I am committed to sharing great art, science, and history through non-traditional inquiry and object based lessons. You can find me following small, independent bookstores on Instagram, searching out new travel locales on Pinterest, and hunting down the next great novel on goodreads.

Thank you for visiting my UB LIS 506 Website. Although my educational focus is school librarianship, I have many diverse interests. Please enjoy exploring this page to learn more about me.
Paperback Pigeon
bookworld Two areas that I am extremely passionate about are travel and literature. Several years ago I created a personal blog called Paperback Pigeon that connects children's books and travel locations. Writing and reading for my blog is a hobby I enjoy immensely although at the present I have very little leisure time to devote to the project. I look forward to revisiting it when I finish up my LIS coursework. Currently I am compiling reading suggestions based on my US cross-country trip that concluded last summer. Image credit: backpack.me
Living the Pug Life
As a long-time pug owner I have an extreme love for the breed and work to foster rescue pugs as a volunteer with SNORT Rescue .

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