Project Portfolio

~Works from CSE101 ~

Here are some projects I completed in my CSE101 course at University at Buffalo. Links are available in the table for access .

Link Description Program
Sample Resume Sample practice resume. This served as a good practice before presenting it to potential recruiters. Microsoft Word

Sample Gradebook

This is a gradebook completed on Microsoft Excel. Functions used to achieve solutions include SUMS, IFs,AVERAGES, Conditional Formatting, and Graphs Microsoft Excel

PowerPoint Presentation

This was created using Microsoft PowerPoint. Proper transitions and layouts were used in this project. Microsoft PowerPoint

Job Description

This is a sample job description created on Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word

Project 3C

This is a practice Excel Sheet using a practice problem from a prompt. Multiple functions were used. Microsoft Excel

Project 2D

A practice PowerPoint for a traveling agency. Proper formatting was used. Microsoft PowerPoint

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