Janiece Kiedrowski's
Home page

BBA 1994, MBA 1996, MLS 2004

Page Contains

1. General Information
2. Family Members/e-mail
3. Picture Links
4. Personal Sites of Interest
5. (coming soon)
6. (coming later on)
7. (much later)
8. (don't hold your breath)
9. (just don't go there)


General Information
1. Current Employment
<a.> SUNY Buffalo, General Libraries Access Services 
<b.> Erie County Public Libraries, Audubon Branch  

2. Hobbies:
<a.> Bike Riding-"I went to Princeton"
<b.> Racquetball
<c.> Crafts
<d.>   Gardening
<e.> Homeownership-Martha Stewart Style
<f.>    Travel  

Family Members with e-mail addresses

Name                                Relationship                   E-mail Addresses                    Picture Links                    Home Page ?
Jean Ramsell Mom jeanramsell@yahoo.com
Janiece Kiedrowski Self jk18@acsu.buffalo.edu Yes
Edmund Kiang Son kiang@acsu.buffalo.edu Yes Yes
James Ramsell Brother jramsell@kodak.com
Debra Ramsell Sister In Law heartdlr@heart.rochester.edu
Yvonne Simonson Niece moxi@centurytel.net
Joycelyn Stallworth Niece joycelyn_s@hotmail.com
coming soon --->unsettled yet<----

Personal Sites of Interest
Entertainment: (cookery) Investments:
Chocolate Alliance Stock Quotes
Cooking Club SureTrade
Restaurant Guide (Buffalo area) Online Shopping:
Tops  Home Depot
Wegmans JC Penney
Fine Arts: Walmart
Western New York  Yahoo Shopping
Horoscope: Personal Heath:
Scorpio Medline
Internet Search Engines:  TV/Media:
AltaVista General Hospital
Lycos NYPD Blue
NorthernLight Star Trek