A project from Cse 250-Data structures, coded in Python.
This goes through a file of pronunciations and a file of 2 million words covnverts the words into pronuciations and enters them into a tree by letter starting from the back. Saves the tree with pickling. Run through terminal/command line with a phrase you want to have the rhyme off. Initial set up run time is 1.3 minutes, after that 0.05 seconds.



Project from Cse 250-Data structures, coded in Python.
Code uses breath first search and returns the fast way to go from one site to another as wellas give you how many links are associated with the site etc.

Beat That

MicroSoft Hololens App.
Utilize your memorization skills. Remember the sequences of flashes from the boxes and tap them in correct order. Simple interface for any user designed specifically for the Hololens. Use it to pass the time.





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