Lab 1: Tilemill

In this lab we utilized TileMill's mapmaking features with usgs earthquake data. The data included all earthquakes around the world above a 2.5 magnitude within the past two weeks. Uploading was made possible by mapbox studio.

TileMill allows us to readily organize data in visual maps. First we must open a basic style sheet. We add solid background colors for the oceans and continents in this style sheet to make a clear distinction. If desired, further styling can be done to make the map more visually appealling. Next we have to add a layer that includes our earthquake data. There will be a preset styling that we can edit to make our data more understandable. We are able to change the size of the points based on the magnitude of the earthquakes by relating it to the attribute table. From here we may want to change the opacity of our symbols to make them less messy. After creating a Legend and a Teaser we will want to 'activate' our earthquake data. From here all we have to do is export our map and have it hosted (for this lab we used MapBox). Now our map is ready to be shared.