Lab 3

Map 3.1 Map made by Leaflet with the location of UB

Map 3.2 Interactive Map of Vacant housing in Buffalo

Lab description

This lab was completed with minimal GIS technique that I've known. To start, I made an interactive map of UB's location by leaflet with stamen map, adding a funny looking filter to the map and added it as an iframe into my website. For the second part of the assignment, my QGIS crashed every single time when I tried to add the shape file provided by Dr. Stephens. I ended up unzipped the file and try to see where the problem is by opening them up with ArcGIS and save as a new shape file, then turn to QGIS to tramsform the saved shape file into GeoJSON file. This GeoJSON file is converted to a variable and referred to by the second leaflet map I made to show the location of house vacancy in Buffalo. By the end, we made a funny looking pop-up box indicating the land value by a mouse click on that specific point and plugged this whole leaflet map as an iframe into my website.

To my knowledge and the description in the lab instruction, this lab was completed with minimal GIS software skills, and we can make an interactive map out of it, which is really cool and straightforward. I've used ArcGIS as well as R to make a static map with Open Street Map or Google Map as background, but this is definitely more interesting and aesthetically beautiful than a static map. It also gives me some idea about the challenge project that I need to complete by the end of the semester, in terms of how to make an interactive map and how to transform an ESRI shape file into something interactive instead of just exporting the static map.

Reference: Leaflet and OpenStreetMap