Lab 2

Map 2 2016 Presidential Election Result Map of Continental United States

Lab description

QGIS was used in this lab to perform the join of attribute table, which is essentially the most important part. Furthermore, we did a lot with styling using different color scheme and shading by applying two styling methods in QGIS.

It is really presonally surprising to find the result of 2016 presidential election. However, we used another creative approach by adding shading according to the population density in each county, making the densly populated area, mostly urban area on the east coast and west coast, to stand out and the sparsely populated area, mostly the mid-west, to be coveded by the shade. This also provided another aspect of how deceiving a map could be without being shaded according to standardized statistics, as people tend to think that Republicans are dominating the political landscape by looking at large portion of red area in the mid-west without being able to think about the low population density. We have been coming through all the choropleth map of different topic, but we would not normally think about if what we see is really representative to the real world. By making this map by myself, I found that this brings more of a second thought to me when I am ever looking at a regular choropleth map again.

Reference: GitHub Inc. and United States Census Bureau