Challenge Project


Buffalo public schools moved from having defined neighborhood attendance zones roughly one decade ago. However, many public schools still reserve ⅓ of their seats for students inside their defined “district”. Unfortunately, this information is not readily available to residents living in Buffalo.

Our group set out to find out the question that how the district of three high-ranking schools in Buffalo looks like and study the potential driving factor of the reason behind, as well as to evaluate the possibility whether any inequality plays a role in the determination of these school districts.


Geocoding with QGIS

Create a polygon based on point data


Incorporate census data into mapping


Map 6.1 Acceptance Zone Boundary of PS 64 Frederick Olmsted Law School

Map 6.2 Acceptance Zone Boundary of PS 67 Discovery School

Map 6.3 Acceptance Zone Boundary of PS 80 Highgate Heights School

Map 6.4 Comparing School Attendance Zone to Median Income Value
Map 6.5 Comparing School Attendance Zone to Percentage of White Population

From the maps above, in general, we did not observed any significant difference within or outside the school district that we deliniated. However, if we look at a PS 64 Olmsted as a specific example, then we can observe that the area within the school district has a higher median house income and higher percent of white people residing in that area than the area outside of the school district we deliniated.

Future work to be done includes incorporating the median household income data and percentage of white population data and perfome a regression analysis to discuss the potential relationship between demographics and whether or not it has any significant effect in how the boundary was drawn.

First draft slideshow

Reference: Leaflet and Buffalo Central Registration Center

GeoJSON file to be downloaded for future use: PS 64 Frederick Olmsted, PS 80 Highgate Height and PS 67 Discovery.

ESRI Shapefile to be downloaded for future use: PS 64 Frederick Olmsted, PS 80 Highgate Heights and PS 67 Discovery.

Project Group Members: Gavin Guild, Amy Xu and Peter Jiyuan Zhou.

Directed by Prof. Monica Stephens.