All About Me

My name is Jinyan Huang and I’m from Brooklyn, NY. I will be focusing in the business field, most likely accounting, for my four years at University at Buffalo(UB) and my career would be an accountant or any business-related job.

My Hometown

My Hometown

I graduated from the Medical Science Institute of Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College. I participated in the science research program, offered by the Medical Science Institute.

Midwood High School @ Brooklyn College

This program helps students to establish an experiment by interning with college mentors. Therefore, this program accelerated me to start interning at Brooklyn College in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Lab for two years. Gradually, I came up with my own project and it was about using mycoremediation, a process of using fungi to break down the resistant material and to clean up oil pollution. With this project, I attended many competitions such as the New York City Science and Engineering Fair (NYCSEF). For more info., visit NYCSEF


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