This website is all about the one, the only, John Hunter.

John Hunter is probably one of the coolest guys you'll ever get to meet. John is a lover of music, science, and animals (specifically dogs). He is currently a physics major at university at buffalo.


John's interests include:

John's Guitar Stuff

Because he is super cool, John taught himself how to play guitar almost four years ago. He was inspired by Gangnam Style to become a master muscician. He started by buying a Roguetm acoustic guitar. About a year later, his parents bought him a Fender Squier Stratocastertm electric guitar for his birthday. His tasty licks only became better, and later on he purchased a Gretsch Electromatictm, a much more expensive and high quality guitar then his previous two. Since then he has gotten into looping, a musical technique in which the artist creates songs and melodies by looping short three to fifteen second tracks over other tracks the same length.

This is a picture of the a Gretsch Electromatictm. To learn more about this fine piece of wood and strings, Click Here

John's Academic plans

John is currently majoring in physics at the University at Buffalo. Ever since he took physics in high school, he has loved the subject, specifically astrophysics. John wants to start by getting his bachelor's of science degree, then possibly go on to getting a PhD in the subject. And after completeing his education, potentially working for a space industry.

John's Computer Skills

John built a computer in tenth grade of high school to play video games. He really wanted to play games like minecraft and happy wheels. Over the years, John has basically become MLG (Major League Gamer) and he boasts an outstanding 6 apm(actions per minute). Even though John has the skills to pay the bills, he chooses to not go pro because being MLG is a lot of work. It would also be unfair for all of the people that would try to play against him.

John also is pretty good at programming. He actually designed this entire website about himself, and wrote the entire thing from scratch! Some may say it is narcissistic to write all these nice things about yourself, but who is gonna do anything about it? You? I doubt it. But either way, he's a pretty cool dude. All of these great qualities help to mask the fact that he looks like a german soldier who retired and became a sad birthday clown. But hey, it could be worse! To be honest, John isn't even sure if anyone is still reading this, because he is pretty sure once all of the criteria are seen, there isn't gonna be anyone still reading. But if you are reading this, I guess this is not very interesting. Oh well, because John's just sitting in the computer lab right now writing a bunch of stupid stuff because he thinks he is funny. I guess this is our little secret.

John's Achievements and What he Hopes to Achievements

Already Accomplished Have MLG skills Graduate High School Design a sick website Attend College
Not Yet Accomplished Graduate College Drive a Sports Car Become a Rockstar Go to space