Practice Website: Programming for the Web I

Jane Stoyle Welch

Jane Stoyle Welch

Hello! I am very interested in learning how to create webpages. I have dabbled in it before through my job at UB, but never really learned the basics. And, I like a challenge!

I worked at UB for 26 years at the Earthquake Center (officially known as the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research MCEER) as its manager of publications. It was a great job, but unfortunately, the funding ran out this summer and most of the professional staff positions were not renewed. I am taking some time to relax and thought that taking this class would add to my skill set, which is primarily writing and editing technical information.

In my spare time, I like to travel, which is a good thing because most of my family members live out of town. I visit Troy NY, Tampa, and Pittsburgh a lot. This past April, some friends of mine and I decided to go to the New Orleans Jazz Festival, which is where the photo of me was taken. If you like good food and a friendly atmosphere, Id recommend a trip to New Orleans.

Remaining class assignments

  1. Add Cascading Style Sheets To Your Web Page
  2. Create a Table Web Page
  3. Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets
  4. Create a Form Web Page
  5. Create a Multimedia Web Site
  6. Create a Valid HTML5/CSS Web Page
  7. Create a JavaScript Web Page
  8. Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page
  9. Krug Book Essay/Presentation

You can check out my progress here.