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§  (1985), B.A. Hons (Geography), National University of Singapore

§   (1989), M.A. (Geography), University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

§  (1993), Ph.D. (Geography), Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio





§  (2005 – present), Professor, University at Buffalo

§  (2000-2005), Associate Professor, University at Buffalo

§  (2000-present), Director of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Study Center

§  (1998-1999), Assistant Professor, University at Buffalo

§  (1995-1998), Lecturer, National University of Singapore

§  (1993-1994), Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Georgia


Visiting Position


§  (2005, spring), Research scholar, Department of Geography, University of Toronto





§  (1986), Gold Medal Award (Best Honors Student), National University of


(1992), Huntington Memorial Award (Outstanding Student), Department of Geography, Ohio State University

§  (1997), Arts & Social Science Faculty Teaching Excellence Award 1996/1997, National University of Singapore

§  (2002), College of Arts and Sciences Excellence in Teaching Award, Social and Behavioral Sciences, UB.

§  (2003), University at Buffalo’s Nominee for the National CASE Carnegie Professor of the Year Award 

§  (2012), SUNY’s Chancellor Award for Excellence in Teaching





§  (2013), Editor, Environment and Planning A

§  (2011-2012),    Associate Editor, Oxford University Press, Oxford Bibliographies Online

§  (2010-present), Editor, Economic Geography Book Series, Ashgate Publishing, UK.

§  (2007-present), Associate Editor, Eurasian Geography and Economics

§  (2001-present), Assistant Editor, International Game Theory Journal

§  (2002-2006), North American Editor, Papers in Regional Science

§   (2005-present), Editorial Board, Annals of Regional Science

§  (2007-present), Editorial Board, Economic Geography

§  (2007-present), Editorial Board, Growth and Change

§  (2007-present), Editorial Board, Geography Compass

§  (2011-present), Editorial Board, Professional Geographer

§  (2007-2010), Editorial Board, Papers in Regional Science

§  (2007-2010), Editorial Board, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography

§  (2004-2012), Editorial Board, Environment and Planning A





§  (1996), [Co-PI, $20,000], National University of Singapore, Academic Research Grant                , “Regional Corporate Headquarters in Southeast Asia”.


§  (1997), [Co-PI, $10,000],  “Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm, Sweden, “Asia

Pacific Transitions”.


§  (1999), [PI, US$5000], CRDP/Research Award, “Technology Acquisition and Development in the New York Area”.                                  


§  (2000), [Co-PI, US$10,000], Hong Kong Baptist University Research Grant, “Hong Kong’s Stockmarket and World Financial Centers”.


§  (2001),                [Co-PI, US$35,000], University of Hong Research Grants Council, Technology and Competitive Advantage Transfers to Hong Kong by the Regional Headquarters of Foreign MNC”. 


§  (2002-05), [PI, US$169, 979], National Science Foundation (Award BCS 0137045), ] “Asian Foreign Investment in the US: A Firm-Level Study of Technology of Asian Firms in the Global Economy”.  


§  (2005-06), [Co-PI, US$7,000], IRCAF, University at Buffalo, “Religion, the Internet and Social Capital”.


§  (2005-06), [US$50,000], Japan Society for Advancement of Science,  Modeling the Determinants of International Financial Centers”.


§  (2006), [Co-PI, US$6000], Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy, University at Buffalo,  Investigating Religious Spaces online: Social Capital Building and Internet Regulation in Toronto and Singapore”.


§  (2007-08), [Co-PI, US$35,000], National University of Singapore Academic Research Fund, “Religion, Social Capital and the Internet: A Comparative Study of Singapore and Los Angeles”.


§  (2011), [US$1000], Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy, University at Buffalo,  Skilled Immigrants and Trade before and after AC21”.


§  (2013-15), [PI, Collaborative grant, US$193, 287], National Science Foundation (Award BCS-1261805), Building Religious Epistemic Capital: Islamic Wall Streets in Malaysia and Bahrain”.






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