This lab introduced us on using Mapbox Studio, an web application for building maps.

POPULATION DENSITY CHLOROPLETH MAP: GeoJSON population data came from Leaflet ( States were broken down into blocks based on population densities and assigned colors depending on populations (i.e. >10).

HEATMAP OF GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER IN NY: The Golden-winged Warbler (GWWA) is a near threatened species. I accessed empericial sighting data from Cornell's eBird Program, which gave long/lat data. I converted points from a Shapefile into a GeoJSON in QGIS. I uploaded data into Mapbox and adjusted the style so that areas with low concentration of bird sightings of GWWA were lighter colored and somewhat blurry, so that areas with higher concentration of GWWA were more apparent.

My Maps

This website is a portfolio of the GIS Projects I completed in my Geovisualization and Cartography Course at UB.