Lab 4

This lab introduced us on the techniques used to convert data to GeoJSON. In addition we learned how to use the D3.js Library to display GeoJSON data onto a map.


Q1: Montreal, Canada is the City from the GeoJSON code.

Q2: The d3 software knew where to put the generated map via the embeded CSS code. Specifically "var"#contents)", which determines where the map is centered.

Q3: 180 (180 degrees) is a meridian that is located in the ocean between the eastern and western hemisphere. By setting the value to 90 (90 degrees), the map center is projected to a Meridian that runs through the Americas.

Q4: To underline the text, we would change the CSS within the "head" of the document. We would add a text-decoration: underline within the selector named "place-label".



HOVER MAP OF THE USA: I chose a map of the US that was created using D3 and TopoJSON. Please hover your mouse over a state. HTML was provided from

My Maps

This website is a portfolio of the GIS Projects I completed in my Geovisualization and Cartography Course at UB.