Lab 3

Buffalo, New York: This map was made using using Leaflet, a JavaScript mapping library. The pointer mark represents University at Buffalo. The style layer (watercolor) comes courtesey of Stamen Design.

Interactive Map of Vacant Houses in Buffalo, New York. This map was created using Leaflet. Centroids of vacant lots were converted from shapefiles to GeoJSON in QGIS. The grayscale basemap was provided by Stamen Design. If you click on a point, it tells you the value of the vacant lot.

This Choropleth Leaflet map shows populations of each state. This map was accessed from the Leaflet Tutorial Page ( The URL used to embed this map was Population data came from US Census Bureau.

My Maps

This website is a portfolio of the GIS Projects I completed in my Geovisualization and Cartography Course at UB.