<title>LIS 506 - HTML Project by Jesse O'Reilly</title>



<center><h1><b>LIS 506 - HTML Project by Jesse O'Reilly</h1></center>

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<p>About Me: In 2010, I graduated from Erie Community College with an A.S in Criminal Justice.  I decided to continue my education at SUNY Canton, where in 2013, I completed a B.Tech in Legal Studies. 

 I took a year off from schooling and decided to return this year to pursue the Master's in Library and Information Science program at UB. 

<p>Current Classes: LIS 503 - Special Topics: Emerging Technologies, LIS 505 - Introduction to Library and Info Study

, and LIS 506 - Introduction to Information Technology.


<p>Hobbies:  I enjoy biking, playing soccer and watching movies.  My favorite kind of movies are comedies.

<p>My favorite website is CNN. <a href="http://www.cnn.com">CNN</a> 

<p>Contact Me: jesseore{at}buffalo.edu

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