By Jenna Ostolski
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Hello! My name is Jenna.
I am currently a freshman at University at Buffalo.
My goal is to obtain a degree in Audiology
and to complete graduate school at UB.

This is my 1 st webpage!
I am creating this webpage for my CSE 101 class at UB.
Here, you can visit Professor Schindler's CSE 101

This webpage will discuss a little bit about me,
including my hobbies, job, and my family.

My Family
I am a triplet with two brothers named Ryan and Tyler.

I also have three sisters named Marisa, Shelby, and Adrian.

My Hobbies and Job

My Hobbies My job
Drinking coffee In home Personal Care Assistant
Reading Company: People Inc.
Listening to Music My job is to help someone with Cerebral Palsy with his daily activities.
Baking I love my job, and I find it to be very rewarding!
Fishing I have worked with People Inc. since July 2014