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DeLuca, John Paul jdeluca2@buffalo.edu
Dygert, Robert Andrew radygert@buffalo.edu
Helmbrecht, Matthew John mjh35@buffalo.edu
Huang, Chienchung cchuang2@buffalo.edu
Padgett, Daniel Stephen dpadgett@buffalo.edu
Pandey, Devanshu dpandey@buffalo.edu

CSE442 Class website

Phase 1: Preliminary Requirements – due Sept. 27 – Your team must post (to the team web site) a list of requirements and a narrative describing the problem to be solved. These are NOT the formal requirements, but a preliminary list to merely evaluate whether you are on the right track. Simply answer the question: What will our system do? No need to write more than 2 pages. Post the document to your team web site. Please email me the web site link for your team. At this point, nothing fancy. Label your web site with your designated team letter.