Young Notes

The Young Notes Mission Statement

Young Notes is dedicated to the idea that everyone has the ability to perform and appreciate music and that a life begun with the gift of music will grow in joy.

Our Philosophy

There are few things as rewarding as being able to play a role in the growth of a student's musical talent. New doors open when a student discovers a composer, attends a concert, learns a new piece, or performs for an appreciative audience. We want our students to have a positive experience, establish good practice habits, and have fun. We accept the responsibility of providing the finest instruction for each of our students, of continuing to study and practice our musical art, and of being active members of the community, fully engaged in bringing music to our neighbors.

Why Choose Young Notes?

The Young Notes music program is so much more than music lessons. We strive to give our students the best music education possible. Here are a few things that set us apart:

We look forward to seeing you soon at Young Notes!