Jim Schuler

I am an MD/PhD student at the University at Buffalo, the State University of New York School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. I am currently in my 2nd year of graduate school, having finished my first 2 years of medical school.


jcschule ("@at@") buffalo (".dot.") edu


M.D./Ph.D., University at Buffalo, expected 2022
B.S. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology concentration in Mathematics, University at Buffalo, 2014
B.S. Mathematics, concentration in Applied Mathematics, University at Buffalo, 2014
Advanced Regents Diploma, Newfane Senior High School, 2010



I am interested in the data of medicine, for example, bioinformatics, computational biology, healthcare informatics, biomedical informatics, and statistics.

During my graduate school rotations I enjoyed time working with Dr. Marc Halfon and Dr. Jim Jarvis.

I am currently a student in Dr. Ram Saudrala's group.

Current Projects

  1. Drug Repurposing Value of CANDO vs. Tanimoto Structural Similarity
  2. Systematic Review of drug treatments for Ebola virus disease
  3. Personalized Drug Discovery Using CANDO
  4. The Ontology of Diabetes Camp
  5. Custom, Micro EMR for Diabetes Camp


  1. James C. Schuler, Werner M. Ceusters. The Problems of Realism-Based Ontology Design: a Case Study in Creating Definitions for an Application Ontology for Diabetes Camps. Accepted, AMIA 2017 Annual Symposium, in press.
  2. James Schuler, Matthew L. Hudson , Diane Schwartz , and Ram Samudrala. A Systematic Review of Computational Drug Discovery, Development, and Repurposing for Ebola Virus Disease Treatment. Molecules 2017, 22(10), 1777; doi:10.3390/molecules22101777.


While an undergraduate, I was involved in research under the direction of Dr. Atri Rudra from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on the research project "Privacy Preserving Biometric Templates and Efficient Indexing Methods."


  1. Effland, T., Schneggenburger, M., Schuler, J., Zhang, B., Hartloff, J., Dobler, J., Tulyakov, S., Rudra, A., Govindaraju, V., "Secure fingerprint hashes using subsets of local structures," in [Proc SPIE], 9075, 90750D (2014). *co-first author
  2. M. Morser, J. Hartloff, T. Effland, J. Schuler, J. Cordaro, S, Tulyakov, V. Govindaraju. Secure fingerprint matching with generic local structures. In CVPR, pages 84 - 89, 2014. PDF
  3. J. Hartloff, M. Morse, B. Zhang, T. Effland, J. Cordaro, J. Schuler, S. Tulyakov, A. Rudra, and V. Govindaraju. A multiple server scheme for fingerprint fuzzy vaults. In Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshops (CVPRW), 2015 IEEE Conference on, June 2015.


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Peer Support Helps With Diabetes Control


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