Jen's Resume

Jennifer Crocitto


This is a picture of my roomate Mel and myself (I am on the right)


Hi to the world! My name is Jen Crocitto and I am a freshman here at the University At Buffalo. I am originally from Westchester County but now I live on campus in the Ellicot Complex. I love it here on campus! I have many so many new friends, experienced so many new challenges and learned so many new things! My goal is to graduate as a communication major (maybe a minor in computer science) as well as to travel the world during my four years here in Buffalo. I plan on studying abroad somewhere in Europe soon!

Career Objective:

I am not sure on exactly what job I want to do for the rest of my life. I choose communication as my major because it included a bunch of career opportunities. As of right now I think that I am interested in advertising or becoming a buyer (as in fashion). I also choose SUNY Buffalo because it provided so many opportunities and amazing services to help me to successfully find a job.

Work Experience:

  1. Kumon Learning Center
  2. Mt. Pleasant Eye Associates
  3. Coldwell Banker