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Conte Standing

University Libraries
Publication of Design & Debris


New York Institute, St. Petersburg State University for Cognitive and Cultural Studies, July 2005 and 2006


Yosemite Valley
October 2005

Virtuality Conference 2005
Torino, Italia

Conte Seated

 Department of English, University at Buffalo

Brian McHale, Paderborn, Germany, May 2003


Charles Harris, Paderborn, Germany, May 2003 

Amsterdam, May 2003


Snowstorm House.jpg (101183 bytes)

Snowfall at home in Buffalo, December 2001


Breverman Portrait

Portrait by Harvey Breverman, Louis Zukofsky Conference, Buffalo 1997


Carl Dennis, Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, 2002


Promotion Ceremony

Promotion to Full Professor, with President Greiner and Provost Capaldi, September 2002


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