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These programs are designed for adventurous students and adults who are outdoor enthusiasts and are offered through various agencies


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Wilderness Education Orientation 

***No one returns untouched by the sheer power of the wilderness experience; the strength of a wilderness experience, as with all sound outdoor educational pursuits, lies in the blending of recreation, social interaction, and academic and inspirational learning.  Curiosity, wonder, and appreciation become major stimulants for learning, while the lessons are played out in the ever-changing form and patterns of the cosmos.

***Premiums are placed on working together, getting one another through the journey; personal attributes, such as self-reliance, cooperation, self-motivation and perseverance are encouraged.  All are virtues necessary to fulfilling the role as a citizen of the world.

***The aim of this program is to encourage broad and thorough exposure to and appreciation for the nature of diverse and complex ecosystems.

***The purpose of the outdoor action portion of this course is to develop a capacity for leadership, to build character, to heighten sensitivity to the beauty of nature, to challenge one's endurance with rigorous exercise and to encourage teamwork and build trust in one's fellow students through wilderness experience.






From Earth Spirit Educational Services:

Megafauna and Predation

Yellowstone National Park

July 2016

Contact:  Joseph Allen   716-228-9510 

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WBFO Interview on fly fishing and Megafauna and Predation excursion in Yellowstone National Park-2016


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Joseph Allen-has been a lecturer at the University at Buffalo for twenty-two years in the Environmental Studies Program having taught several courses including Introduction to Environmental Problems, Wilderness, Wildlife and Wildlands Management and Ecology of Unique Environments-Yellowstone National Park and Wind River Range, Wyoming. Although retired from University at Buffalo, he continues to teach outdoor experiential courses and lead excursions in the western US including Megafauna and Predation in Yellowstone Park.  He has previously guided and taught numerous outdoor field courses in the desert southwest and Rockies including the Snowy Range, WY, the San Juan Range, CO, the Wind River Range, WY, the Black Hills, SD, Grand Canyon NP, AZ, Grand Teton NP, WY and many other wilderness areas. His major academic interests involve wilderness preservation and rewilding, environmental ethics, predators and ecosystem recovery. He has over 35 years of outdoor educational experiences.






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For Megafauna and Predation in Yellowstone National Park, contact:


 Joseph Allen     716-228-9510 




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