Placement Information



          Sample Application Documents:

                  Sample CV

                  Cover Letter for Research Institution

                  Cover Letter for Small Teaching College

                  Statement of Research Interests

                  Teaching Philosophy


          Advice on Constructing a CV (from The Chronicle of Higher Education)


          Academic Job Interview Questions:

                  "Questions One Should be Prepared to Answer for Job Interviews" by Mary Corbin Sies

                  "Academic Interview Preparation Resource Document" by Julia Aguirre

                  "Job-Interviewing Handout" by Michael Gamer & Anne K. Krook

                  "Interview Questions Asked By Nearly Every Search Committee"

                  "Academic Job Interview Questions" by P. Heppner & N. Downing

                  "Ph.D. Interview Preparation Guide for Positions in Academia" by Trina Sego & Jeff I. Richards

                  "Academic Interview Questions"

                  "Interview Questions--Academic Job Search"

                  "Qualms and Questions for an Academic Job Interview" by Clyde F. Herreid II & Robert J. Full



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