Since childhood, one of my main interests have been in music. The instrument being played below is the Indian bamboo flute, which I began learning in 2007. The instrument at the top is the Indian drums called the tabla. Tabla was the first instrument that I began learning classically and from a teacher. I began in about 2000 and still continue classes with my teacher, or as we say, my guru. The images are taken from musical programs at the BAPS Hindu Temples. I regularly play at the temple, and practice consistently. Besides the flute and table, I also play the sitar, various other drums, and the harmonium. Music has always brought a sense of peace, and a mode for me to express my devotion to God. One can never completely learn everything about music; a student for life of this art.  













My interest for photography began in my second year at Texas A&M University. I purchased a second-hand Canon DSLR from my friend and by luck, landed a position as a photographer for the school paper. After learning tremendously by photographing for the school paper, The Battalion, I kept this art going and continued to photograph for various studies, independent contracts, and for pure fun.







Sports & Fitness


Sports and fitness has always been a pivotal part of my life. I began playing YMCA basketball at a young age, then soccer in youth leagues. As I entered junior high school and high school, football was the thing to do in Texas. I played football for 2 years in junior high school and 4 years of high school as a varsity wide-receiver. In the off-season I ran track & field, namely the 400m, 4x400m and Long and Triple Jump. By starting out my younger years focused on sports and fitness, this carried on throughout the years as I continued into college. Throughout undergraduate, I would play on competitive basketball and football intramural leagues and continued to maintain fitness by regularly going to the gym and eating healthy.






















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