Julie Stevens

All About Me

I was born in Dallas, Texas on July 20, 1998. I lived there for 8 years with my sister, Kayleigh, and my Mom, Lisa. At age 8 I moved to Coulterville, Illinois with my new brother, Nathan, and step dad, Chuck. Two years later came my brother, Jason. I lived in Illinois for 7 years. At age 15, my mother was remarried and I moved to Clarence, New York where I currently reside.

Living in New York

Moving to New Yor, I immediately got involved in my school's cheerleading squad. I did that all through high school.

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I also got involved in the schools mixed chorus my first year. My Junior Year I got involved in the schools musical instead of doing basketball cheer.I did Hair/Costume/Makeup Crew.

The star of the show. My masterpiece.

That same year I also auditioned for and made the Treble Chorus. Treble is a chorus composed of only girls. I also made Vocal Jazz which gave me amazing opportunities like Performing at Buffalo State and Recording a CD.

My senior year of high school. I made my schools highest chorus ensemble, Chorale. I was also involved in Vocal Jazz, Girls Chorus, and Treble. I did Football cheer also. I also decided to pick up playing the cello through lessons at school from Doug Shaw and from my friend Nick.
That year I was also given the amazing opportunity to go to Disney World for 5 days with both my Chorale and Treble chorus's. At Disney we did a workshop where we sang part of the Lion King score, learned Disney Choreography, and did sound effects that later went into our own Lion King short film. Both chorus's also performed in Downtown Disney. It is truley a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget.

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I also made the school musical. We did Young Frankenstein. It was also a Kenny Year. The Kenny's is an organization in WNY that judges high school musicals and gives $5000 to the best musical that year. You must first be accepted, they come to your show, and they then nominate the schools based on different aspects of their show, however, every school is in the running for the overall Kenny. The day of the Awards show I did workshops all day, rehearsals for the awards show, and later that day performed on the Shea's stage with all of my cast. In the end we took home the Kenny and the $5000 for our schools theater department along with other category awards. We also were interviewed and performed on the morning news.

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I graduated from Clarence High School in 2016. I now attend the University at Buffalo and am an intended Media Major with a concentration in production and a minor in theater.