Artist Statement


My name is Jonny Percy and I am a music producer, dancer of all genres, visual designer, and most of all I always try to be the most exuberant, positive, and empowering presence I'm capable of. I became very intrigued with the art of dancing first at a young age and there are pictures and videos of me dancing for as long as I've been alive. This love for dancing and music got me interested in creating music and I downloaded a music production app on my iTouch freshman year of High School. After making 60 beats or so on this app I decided to take this hobby to a more legitimate level and bought a MIDI keyboard and Ableton Live software. Now that I've been producing for almost 4 years I can confidently say it is my passion and creating music gives me purpose. From becoming so intimate with the process of making music, I have become involved with other art forms and have learned to appreciate all different mediums of art and artists. I recently have developed a big interest in the editing and manipulation of photos to create abstract images. I have uploaded a few into the "Sketches" section so you can see what I mean! A huge step in my process as a developing artist occurred recently when a video of me dancing on stage at a fashion show went viral. It was entitled, "Whiteboy Kills the Nae Nae" and was featured on Worldstar Hip Hop and reached around 75K likes on facebook! This brought a lot of attention and interest towards me as an artist and has really helped me become prepared for what it's like to be in the spotlight. Attempting to build off all this hype and momentum I started a series of dance videos over my instrumentals that is called, "The MOVESLIKEJONNY Experience" and I aim to show people my talents and also who I am and the enthralling energy I love to spread to everyone around me! The link to my first of this series is posted below and I am releasing my second one very very soon! Overall my main drive to make something of myself as an artist is the power of influence. There is no better way to reach mass amounts of people than through music and really any artform. I truly believe that if the world got to know who I am, I might be able to make this planet a more blissful place.

Link to "The MOVESLIKEJONNY Experience - Ep. 1 - Voyage"