This is a chart with the years of events and the years i guessed the events happened
  1. Why is it appropriate to use the variable “year event occurred” as the explanatory variable and “estimated year event occurred” as the response variable?
  2. It is appropriate to use the "year event occured" as the explanatory variable because this is the actaul date it occured which influences the "estimated year event occured"
  3. What would the scatterplot look like if you had guessed the correct year for each event?
  4. If i had guessed each year correctly the scatter plot would have been in a straight line

  1. The variable that i used as my explanitory variable in my first graph was the number of strike and lockouts because that cause an increase in the number union members
  2. The association between the two variable in the first graph is that the number of strike and lockouts are caused by members of the union
  3. The Second graph shows the number of strikes that happened from the years 1950 to 2010

  1. The aspect of data that interprets are the per capita income in 2010 compared to the governor salary in 2010 iin different states.
  2. The scatterplot shows a positive association between the two varaibles
  1. Now that all the states are shown in the graph there is still a slight positive association
  2. The only piont in that graph that stands out is the one point at 70,000