Jake Fountain

About Me:

Hello my name is Jake Fountain. I am currently 24 years old and married. I like working with computers as well as working with my hands on construction jobs. My favorite thing hobby would be video games and my platform of choice would be the PlayStation. Above all else I am a tech enthusiast and I like to problem solve.

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Assignment 1: Create Your buffalo.edu Web Page

Create a web page called index.html in your ubunix.buffalo.edu account web space.

Assignment 2: Create Cascading Stylesheets Pages

Create three new web pages, for called inline.html, external.html, and embedded.html.

External Embedded Inline

Assignment 3: Create a Table Web Page

Create a web page called table.html utilizing the following HTML tags, body, table, tr, th, and td.


Assignment 4: Create an HTML5/CSS Compliant Web Page

Copy your current CSS Embedded web page (embedded.html) to a new html5.html web page.

Assignment 5: Modify Your Home Page to Use Divs

Copy your index.html file to a new file called index_old.html. Then you will modify your index.html to use divs.

Old Home Page

Assignment 6: Add Special Effects to Your Web Page Using Cascading Style Sheets

Copy your Web Page from your first task (index.html) to create a new web page (advcss.html), then modify your new advcss.html file.

Special Effects

Assignment 7: Create a Form Web Page

Create a new web page, for example called form.html, this web page will focus on taking in user information.

Assignment 8: Create a Multimedia Web Site

Create a new web site of four (4) pages, for example multimedia.html, audio.html, video.html, and scrolling.html.

Assignment 9: Create a JavaScript Web Page

Create a new web page file, for example called javascript.html, this web page will implement JavaScript functionality.

Assignment 10: Add JavaScript Validation to Your Web Form Page

Create a new web page file, for example called validation.html, this web page will validate user input.

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