Spring Break Vacation Spot: Orlando, Florida!

Orlando Florida's Biggest Attractions:

Universal Orlando Resorts!
Walt Disney World!
Sea World!


Orlando, Florida is a huge vacation spot for families to flock to. Located in the central part of western Florida, while it isn't near any oceans to swim in, Orlando Florida has many other attractions that bring millions of people there every year. It's biggest attraction is the ever popular Walt Disney World.
Walt Disney World opened its doors in 1955
Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando is a popular place to visit when on vacation in Florida
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World in the Happiest Place on earth!
Sea World
Sea World is a place with a lot of Marine life

Park Statistics

Park Opening day Average Annual Attendance
Disney World 1972 1000
Universal Orlando 1985 23487293
Sea World 1995 2384683