Estimated Year Event Occured

  1. the explanitory variable is what was being tested based on the time frame that we thought the event happened we guesstimated the year in which we think it happened
  2. there would be a completelty straight positive correlational line going across the chart

Difference in incomes per state Governors salary in 2010 vs personal income

  1. For most charts the y axis is used as the dependent variable, or the explanitary variable. therefor my first chart for the union membership percentage.
  2. Forms more of a straight line
  3. Based on the y-axis strikes and lockouts are the explanatory variable
  4. still a positive correlation

union membership

  1. There is no association between the two

Governors salary vs personal income

  1. There is still a large cluster, however a tail is beginning to form to show a positive correlation
  2. Conneticut had a value much larger than the average for a personal income while maine had a lower income than the rest fir the governors salary.