Chart of scatter lines
  1. the explanatory variable can effect the response variable. The actual year that the event occured affects the way you respond to the estimated year it occurs you are comparing to the year occuring.
  2. Both Data for the explanatory Variable and response variable matched then the scatterplot will match at each given point

Chart of worker strikes
  1. the second scatter plot show the percentage of union workers along with the number of strikes and lockouts
  2. There is positive association with the union and the number of strikes, most likely due to the increasing number of unions workers correlates to the other variables

Chart of govenor salaries to state

Chart of bar graph of salary comparison
  1. All the states are visible in the graphs above the common person makes less than half of a govenors salary
  2. Some data points that stand out from the rest are Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey because of the high population, which can spike a persons salary.