Estimate vs Actual Year of Occurance for Events
  1. The year the event occured is the true explanation when the event actually happened, while the estimated year is my respone to the question of when I thought it happened.
  2. The points would be right on top of each other.
Number of Strike/Lockouts and Union Membership Percentage 1
Number of Strikes/Lockouts and Union Membership Percentage 2
  1. The number of strikes/lockouts, we had to try both options.
  2. The more strikes there are, the higher the perentage of the total labor force there was with union membership.
  3. The correlation between the amount of strikes/lockouts and the union membership percentage.
  4. The higher the percantage was, the more strikes/lockouts there was.
Personal vs Governer Salary by State 1
Personal vs Governer Salary by State 2
  1. The difference between personal income and the governer's income.
  2. Not necessarily because the state with the highest personal income doesn't have the highest governer income.
Personal vs Governer Salary by State
  1. Not really because there are states with low personal incomes which have low and high Governer income.
  2. Connecticut has a high personal income, and Maine has a very low governer income.