My Challenge Project

Map of Elementary Schools in the City of Buffalo

Displayed in this map are all of the elementary schools located within the City of Buffalo. If you click on any one of the points above, it will tell you which school it is. I used leaflet to create the map. I then manually imputed all of the latitudes and longitudes for each point (elementary school) displayed on the map. I centered the map and adjusted the zoom to assure each point was clearly visible within the window.

The map displays City of Buffalo (the dark shade of gray), and all three elementary schools. PS 64 Frederick Law Olmsted is the orange/brown shaded region, and PS 80 Highgate Heights is the green shaded region, and PS 67 Discover School . It is interesting to see how the City of Buffalo is divided by school districts allowing certain children to attend each particular elementary school. If your address is listed outside of the three districts displayed in the map, your childs school will be randomly selected in a process called "the lottery." Other than the three elementary schools displayed in this map, there are roughly 40 other elementary schools your child can be assigned to. About half of these schools are private and require parents to make donations or have tuition costs.

Data for the lab was provided by: Data:PS80

Data for the lab was provided by: Data:PS64

Data for the lab was provided by: Data:PS67