Irus Braverman

Seeing Project

Galile olives groves Pine forest in the Jerusalem mountains, planted by the JNF. Photo by Irus Braverman

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My exploration of the minute operations of law has also formed the basis for broader claims that I have made about the relationship between law, materiality, and power, and about the heightened role of seeing and vision in contemporary legal systems. In a solicited article for a special issue about law and geography, I explore law's heightened focus on seeing and vision.


(2013). "Rights of Passage: On Doors, Technology, and the Fourth Amendment" (under review).

(2013). "Passing the Sniff Test: Police Dogs as Biotechnology." Buffalo Law Review 61: 81-168. [SSRN]

(2011). "Looking at Zoos". Cultural Studies 25(6): 809-842. [SSRN]

(2011). Hidden in Plain View: Legal Geography from a Visual Perspective. Journal of Law, Culture, and the Humanities 7(2): 173-186. [SSRN]

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