An Opportunity to Use About Mathematics with Our Support

While the text
About Mathematics is in the final stages of preparation, we invite individual instructors (or even better, a group of instructors) at any level — university, college or secondary school — to participate in testing our program in their classroom with our support.

In return all we ask is your evaluation of the materials and feedback based on your experiences.

Some possible settings for the
About Mathematics program:

  • a semester or full year college or community college course for liberal arts students
  • an elective course for high school seniors who plan on careers in the liberal arts
  • a college undergraduate or graduate course for pre-service or inservice elementary school teachers
  • a college undergraduate or graduate course for secondary school mathematics teachers
  • a course team-taught by a mathematician and a humanities teacher
  • an inservice class for a school mathematics department
  • an adult education course for interested citizens

For those instructors who join our enterprise, we will provide single use .pdf files of the
About Mathematics chapters and a disk on which the calculator programs are stored. Paper copies may then be printed for use by individual students. These files have already been classroom tested and revised on the basis of this use.

If after exploring this website you are interested in participating in this activity or if you have questions about it, please contact the senior author (see below). We will be happy to provide further information and answer questions.