A series of videos is being constructed that provide information about the instructional program associated with the text About Mathematics. These videos will soon be available for viewing on YouTube as they are currently being edited.

About Mathematics: a text for college liberal arts students. This video provides general information about our approach to teaching these students together with an invitation to participate in the final stages of text development.

The role of the calculator in teaching with About Mathematics. This video shows examples chosen from among the over one hundred prepared TI-84 programs that play a central role in teaching with About Mathematics. Although these programs are central to our instructional program, it is important for instructors to understand that neither students nor instructors need know any programming to use them.

The logistics of calculator use. This video explains to instructors or to individuals using this text the four steps in using the TI-84 programs. First, how to download the chapter program groups from this website to your computer. Second, how to download those groups from your computer to a TI-84 calculator. Third, how to prepare your calculator and to "ungroup" the programs for a particular chapter. And finally, how to run the programs. Note that the first and second of these steps need only be accomplished once.

A separate video is being prepared for the related book,

Teaching Programming Your Calculator. This video is for anyone interested in calculator programming. It introduces the text Programming Your Calculator. This text may be used independently or it may be used to supplement instruction with About Mathematics. (Note: I used this text to supplement my instruction at Buffalo State College fall semester 2010, taking five to ten minutes of each class session for this separate content.--GRR)