Adirondack Air Crash


(This 1093rd Buffalo Sunday News column was first published on March 4, 2012.)


Mild winters have not always been the norm here and Lawrence Gooley has recently written about a New York State adventure that took place during a violent blizzard 77 years ago. To me it belongs in the category of hair-raising.


I summarize the story here but I direct you to the Adirondack Almanack website for Gooley's full narrative.


*   *   *


My Buffalo News column then went on to relate an abridgement of Gooley's narrative. Mr. Gooley and John Warren, founder and editor of Adirondack Almanack feel that my story went too far, simply retelling Gooley's story.


While my intent was to call attention to Gooley's carefully researched story, which I understand will shortly appear in book form, in retrospect I believe that my story may instead have deflected interest to my own. For that reason I am not posting the column here. Instead I direct you to the excellent Adirondack Almanack website, to Gooley's first, second and third posting about this episode and to Gooley's own website, Bloated Toe Enterprises.-- Gerry Rising