Stupid White Men


by Michael Moore (ReganBooks)


(This column first appeared in the April 3, 2003 issue of ArtVoice of Buffalo.)



Yes, Stupid White Men is a screed, but it is my kind of screed. Here is the liberal (read thinking) person's answer to Rush Limbaugh and the Fox Network screamers. Michael Moore may look like a slob (and occasionally act like one as well) but he is a very bright guy and an experienced journalist. You should also know him as the director/producer of that superb movie, Bowling for Columbine. Even getting this book distributed was not easy. Moore's publisher decided that it didn't fit today's political climate and tried to hide it, but Moore talked about his copy to a group of librarians -- of all people. They went to bat for him and *voila!* the book not only got attention but soon rose to current non-fiction best-seller lists. My favorite chapter is entitled "Kill Whitey" in which he accurately turns the tables on those who so easily categorize people by race. Moore tells us, "Every person who has ever harmed me...has been a white person," and he offers a litany of examples. This is a book that must be taken in small doses -- some like castor oil -- but it's well worth it.--gerry rising