Using Inside Your Calculator as a Text

In addition to serving the interested general reader, the book Inside Your Calculator may serve as a textbook in a variety of settings. Some examples:

  1. As a stand-alone text for a short course,
  2. As the basis for an enrichment program for bright high school students,
  3. As a unit in a beginning programming course,
  4. As a text providing supplementary calculating activities in support of a mathematics course, or
  5. As the basis for an individual tutorial.

In this supplement I offer some comments about what you may wish to accomplish chapter by chapter as well as some teaching suggestions. In the separate Exercises section you will find programming and other problems that will support such courses.

What You Should Seek to Accomplish

To use this book as a teaching text you will want your students to have one of the programmable graphic calculators for which Inside Your Calculator and its supplements are designed. It seems to me that you will want to have your students:

1. Learn enough about their calculator to be able to use much of its power,

2. Become comfortable with programming and prepared to address programming problems independently,

and even more important,

3. Gain more experience with, deeper insights into, and better understanding of the pre-calculus mathematics, thorough understanding of which undergirds all mathematical studies, and

4. Realize that, while computer programming languages are more sophisticated and complex, the ideas about programming calculators extend to computers as well. What is so remarkable is how many of the mathematical problems usually thought to require powerful computers these hand-held calculators can be programmed to solve.

Personal Experiences Teaching Inside Your Calculator

You should find some useful teaching suggestions in the author's experiences link about working with these materials in the classroom.

Download Teaching Suggestions by Chapter

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Teaching Chapter 2

Teaching Chapter 3

Teaching Chapter 4

Teaching Chapter 5

Teaching Chapter 6

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Teaching Chapter 9

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