Inside Your Calculator

Further Applications for Inside Your Calculator

Here are new Appendices associated with Inside Your Calculator:

Appendix T. Dividing Numbers with Many Digits

The algorithms BIGMULT and BIGDIV are developed through comparison with our standard decimal algorithms for carrying out similar procedures with one and two-digit numbers. This provides insights into the important and rarely explained bases for these procedures. The program BIGMULT, which appears as Inside Your Calculator Appendix L, describes in detail a program that will give you the ability to multiply numbers with products of up to 400 digits. You can use TI Connect software to download the program to your calculator from bigmult.

The program BIGDIV of Appendix T extends the ideas of BIGMULT to division, The resulting program will handle calculations whose divisor, dividend and quotient may each have up to 400 digits. You can use TI Connect software to download the program to your calculator from bigdiv.

The program BIGDIV can be very slow, however. The reason: correcting the partial quotient when it turns out to be too large is done by reducing the trial quotient one at a time. With large numbers this can slow the process considerably. A way around this is described in Donald Knuth's The Art of Computer Programming, volume 2 (Seminumerical Algorithms), pages 237-241. The program BIGDIV2 (being developed) accelerates the calculation of BIGDIV by applying a short-cut in that section of the division program.

Appendix U. Square Root by the Old School Algorithm

The program SCHSQRT of Appendix U mirrors the algorithm taught to reluctant middle school students for many years before Newton's Method and calculators came to their rescue.

Appendix V. Random Numbers and the Monte Carlo Method

This appendix, currently in preparation, discusses how to use your calculator's random number generator to address probability problems and so-called Monte Carlo applications.