Calculator Programs for Solving Sudoku Puzzles

My colleague, Mark Spahn, has developed a quite remarkable set of programs that solve what have come to be known as Sudoku puzzles. These are the puzzles that appear regularly in many newspapers and on the web. Because these programs are based on some interesting mathematics, Mark, Ron Lancaster, Deborah Moore-Russo and I have witten an essay entitled "An unexpected use of primes: solving sudokus by calculator," that is to appear in the July 2010 issue of The Mathematical Gazette.

Download Program Information

To supplement the information in that article, this section provides the following information and TI-84 calculator materials, including programs, for download to your computer:

Instructions for Using the Sudoku Programs

Annotated TI-84 Sudoku Program Listing

A List of the TI-84 Calculator Programs

The TI-84 Calculator Programs

Handling Memory for Large Programs


Note: These programs will work for TI-83 users with very minor modifications. The changes are due to the fact that the TI-83 does not process timing commands. Once you have downloaded the programs to your computer, you will need to remove any command line that reads prgmSHTIME from the code for the routines AASUDOKU, CELLS, CELLHYPS and ENNEADS. (Alternately, you can do this after you have transferred the files to your calculator.) You will also not need the program SHTIME.