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Inhak choi


You can call me Adam choi. Just because it is easy to remember. From bible, Adam is the first human. My major is computer science. I am currently working M and T project with B-group My hobby is LOL which is League of Legends. It is computer game that fight 5 VS 5 and full of strategy for the battle

So That is brief intruction of me!! Enjoy the rest of page!!

Remaining Assignments

  1. Brief Introduction Due
  2. Home Page
  3. CSS Page
  4. Table Page
  5. Form Webpage
  6. HTML5/CSS Page
  7. Special Effects Page
  8. Mutimedia Page Due
  9. Javascript Page
  10. Javascrip Validation Page
  11. Essay / Presentation
(HW4)Table pg
(HW5)Form pg
(HW6)Special Effects(ADV CSS) pg
(HW7)Multimedia pg
(HW8)JavaScript pg
(HW9)JavaScript Validation pg
(final)Wow Me pg