Hye Mi You

[he mi ju]




 Assistant Professor

Department of Economics
University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Office: 447 Fronczak Hall
Phone: 716-645-8689
Fax: 716-645-2127
Email: hyemiyou at buffalo.edu



Education: Ph.D. University of Rochester, 2009


Fields of Interests: Macroeconomics, Economic Development, Labor Markets



-      The Contribution of Rising School Quality to U.S. Economic Growth, Journal of Monetary Economics, vol. 63 (2014), pp. 95-106, Appendix.

-      The Effects of Labor Composition on Hours Volatility: Evidence from the U.S., Journal of Economic Theory and Econometrics, vol. 25, no. 2 (2014), pp. 60-84.

-      Explaining the Evolution of the U.S. Housing Market, joint with Byoung Hoon Seok, Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.


Working Papers

-      Wage Volatility and Changing Patterns of Labor Supply, joint with Jay H. Hong and Byoung Hoon Seok, revise & resubmit, International Economic Review.

-      Anticipated Wage Growth as a Factor of Educational Attainment, revise & resubmit, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

-      Marriage, Working Spouses, and Male Wage Volatility, revise & resubmit, Korean Economic Review.

-      Migration Restrictions: Implications on Human Capital, Output, and Welfare, joint with Jingchao Li and Byoung Hoon Seok.

-      Explaining Rising School Expenditures in the U.S.


Work in Progress

-      Why Do Returns to Experience Differ across Countries? ioint with Byoung Hoon Seok.

-      Earnings Risk and Wealth Inequality with Housing, joint with Byoung Hoon Seok and Lini Zhang.


Teaching (Fall 2016)

-      Eco609: Macroeconomic Theory (PhD level)

-      Eco407H/507: Macroeconomic Theory (UG honors/Master level)


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